Operation School Bell®

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Operation School Bell® provides new clothing for eligible Benton County children K-12 whose school attendance and performance are threatened by a lack of suitable clothing. Each student receives a warm jacket, shoes, jeans, shirts, sweats, socks, underwear, and a personal hygiene kit. Older children sixth grade and up receive bras and gym shorts. Recipients are referred to the program by school personnel and social agencies.

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Lending A Hand in the Community

Operation School Bell is the signature philanthropic program of Assistance League chapters across the nation. Operation School Bell became our first service program when our chapter was established in 1968. We are proud to have clothed over 19,000 Benton County schoolchildren since then.

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“I would like to say a huge thank-you for the wonderful clothes, shoes, winter coat, and miscellaneous items you have provided for my two children. This past year my husband fell off a roof when working. He has had three surgeries and will not build again. I work part-time, plus my household duties keep me plenty busy. As a result buying new clothes and shoes is sometimes really difficult, and I feel sad when I can’t buy them those things. When I was referred to your program, I felt a lot better because of your wonderful program!! The clothes have been awesome! They are the “cool” and “hip” styles which are important for young teens. Again, I say THANK YOU!! You have a wonderful program!! And my family really appreciates all you’ve done for us!”

~a Corvallis resident

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“Thanks for the cloathes!! I like the stile you got and they rilly fitt grate. I like it all. Thanks.”

~ a young child in Corvallis

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“Thank you so much for the clothes. I am so happy that you got these clothes for me. My favorite is the lavender raincoat with the zipper pockets. I can keep my Kleenex or money in the pocket. The bag with the shampoo and soap and toothbrush will be good for when I go to Outdoor School and have my own things. Thank you very much.”

~ a Corvallis middle school student

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“The clothes you gave to two children at the CARDV (Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence) shelter really made their faces light up. Their mom was all smiles too. Please know that the work you do really makes a difference. Many thanks.

~ a CARDV volunteer

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Children modeling OSB clothing

These children are selecting and modeling Operation School Bell clothing. They are models and are not recipients of Operation School Bell clothing.